Dreams to Reality - Yorkshire Bridal Shop

Louise Perry Bridal in now up and running so I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you all how it came to be...

My name, as you may have already guessed is Louise Perry. And yes, I own a Bridal shop :) So, thats the story of how I named the shop complete. The story of how I came about to own a bridal shop is probably a little more interesting :)

For as long as I can remember I have always had the desire to own a shop. I enjoyed the idea of having my own little space where I could surround myself with beautiful things and then help to give them new homes. However, for years this felt like a romantic ideal that may remain a dream. And besides, I still wasn’t sure what my dream shop would even sell. So, I settled into a management job at Leeds Beckett University where I did well. The years passed and despite enjoying my work the dream of owning my shop was still deep in my heart. Then eighteen months ago whilst preparing for my own wedding something happened that would lead to this dream becoming a reality. As is the case for many brides to be I visited bridal shop after bridal shop. Although my experiences were mostly enjoyable I still walked away thinking ‘I would do this instead’ or ‘I think I could do this better’. I realised, this is what my shop should be… A bridal shop. I spent the next year researching my new venture. Drawing on my own bridal experiences and those of others I decided that my bridal shop would be focused on providing personalised and friendly customer service to any and all women that were looking for a beautiful wedding dress. I wanted the women that came into my shop to leave feeling happy, looked after and that they had enjoyed this incredibly important part of the wedding experience.

So, here we are. Louise Perry Bridal is open for business and I welcome you to book an appointment and come along to see the wonderful dresses I have on offer. You are also invited to the Official Launch on the 1st October 2015 to meet me, look at the shop and enjoy a glass of bubbles. I look forward to meeting you soon.