5 ways to tell if you have found your wedding dress...

Finding the right wedding dress can be difficult, partly because we are not sure what we are looking for and partly because there are so many dresses out there and we don't want to miss one.  Sometimes it seems that the more we try on, the harder it becomes.  Some people have that 'feeling' when they try on their dress and they 'know' its the one, which is great.  But some people never have that feeling (I didn't), and so for those people, here are a few other ways that you can tell that this dress is 'the one'...

You spontaneously burst out with 'I love it!'

As a bridal shop owner, this is the number one way that I can tell when a bride has found her dress.  She looks in the mirror, her eyes light up and without thinking she says 'I love it!'.  I see a lot of brides trying to convince themselves that this dress is the right one; if you have to convince yourself, it is probably not the one.

The thought of walking down the aisle in this dress make you feel emotional

This is how I finally knew my dress was the one.  Okay, so that thought will probably make you emotional anyway, but imagining the venue setting, your fiancee and guests will help focus your mind on how you will feel in this particular dress on the day.  This is a good one to do if you have found two dresses you love and can't decide.

You're thinking of ways to stretch the budget for this dress

If 'the one' is a little out of price range, you suddenly start thinking of ways to make your budget stretch.  This is a difficult one as every budget is different, but when you consider that the average wedding costs around £20,000, that extra £200 for the dress of your dreams does seem like a drop in the ocean.

You want to stop searching for your wedding dress

Many brides find their dress at their first bridal appointment.  This is okay!  Often you are in the best frame of mind when you start looking for your dress as you have a fresh perspective and are still excited about the wedding planning.  A lot of brides start looking at dresses before they are 'ready' to decide and as a result, by the time they need to make a decision, the planning stress is getting to them, they've tried 30 dresses so far and cannot remember which they liked and they are exhausted.   Don't feel bad about making your decision at the first or second appointment.

You don't want to take it off

If you are still standing in the dress 20 minutes later, admiring it from all angles, with and without a veil, shoes, etc, then this is a good sign it is the one.

So, those of you who have found your dress, do you agree with the comments above?  Have you any advice for other brides embarking on their search?  Leave your comments below! :) 

Louise PerryComment