Brides Revisited - Laura

At Louise Perry Bridal, we know you'd love to hear more about our how our happy brides got on with their wonderful weddings.  This month, we've decided to catch up with our gorgeous bride Laura, to find out more about how her big day went, and what advice she has for brides planning their future weddings.

Q. Did you already have an idea about the type of dress you wanted to buy prior to buying your own wedding dress or were you open to multiple styles?

Yes I had an idea of styles and material that I liked but I also tried on styles that I wasn't  keen on just to rule them out, as sometimes you end up liking what you didn't expect you would. I knew I wanted something a bit different, it turned out that my dress wasn't actually the style I was initially looking for. 

Q.      How did you find the experience of planning your wedding and what tips would you give our brides that are currently planning their big days?

We only had 9 months to plan our wedding, which was enough time but we designed and made a lot of things ourselves which gave our wedding a very personal touch. I loved the planning but it can get a bit stressful towards the run up. Make sure to book a few days off before the big day so that you can get the final touches finished. Also try to keep organised, I kept a file which was divided into various sections such as wedding cars, flowers etc. Which was full of ideas, contacts and receipts, you then have everything you need in one place. 

Q.      How did you find your experience shopping with Louise Perry Bridal?

Louise was lovely and very attentive, it even so happened that she picked out a dress for me which ended up being the one! Louise Perry Bridal shop is light and beautifully decorated and It made my dress shopping experience feel special. 

Q.      Was there anything you worried about regarding your wedding planning that you wish you hadn't?

I was worried too much about trying to book things as soon as possible but there's so many wedding suppliers out there that you will always find someone. 

Q.      What were you top three moments from the whole day? 

1) Walking down the isle with my dad and seeing my husband to be for the first time.
2) Our first dance
3) All the speeches (my dad, 2 best men and my husbands speech)

Q.      How did you feel in your dress on the day? 

I felt like I was in a fairytale, my dress was very light and comfortable but also very dramatic.