Wedding Planning - Tips on Managing Your Guest List

Having trouble managing your guest list or not sure where to start?  Here at Louise Perry Bridal, our staff have shared their top tips from organising their own weddings:

1) Decide what you want early on and be firm
Decide with your fiancé what's important to you about the guest list (e.g. Children / no children etc) and then present a united front to your guests and be firm. That way you can support each other if things get tricky or you start feeling guilty.

2) Contact guests early

It helps to communicate as early as possible with guests, and send them reminders leading up to the wedding. Also, be upfront about potentially controversial matters.  It will be easier to deal with issues arising from this a year before the wedding than three weeks before the wedding.

3) Less is more
One of the best things about my wedding day, was that I got to see friends and family that I hadn't seen for a long time.  The trouble was, I couldn't get round them all on the day!  I worried about not having 'enough' guests, but what's most important is that you can spend time with the ones you do have.

4) Less is less
The more guests you have, the higher the final cost of the wedding will be.  This is a good reason not to go overboard, especially with daytime guests.  Can you invite some to the evening do instead?

5) Don't necessarily favour family over friends
If you have distant cousins that you feel you should invite, but would really prefer to see your work colleague or neighbour, then don't feel guilty.  It really ought to be about what you want.

6) Consider a destination wedding
A destination wedding can be a really good way of keeping your wedding intimate.  Of course not everyone will be able to afford to come, but it's up to the guests to decide and the pressure is off you.

We hope you found our blog helpful.  What are your top tips on managing your guest list?