Your Bridal Journey

Your bridal journey is about more than finding the perfect wedding dress.  There are a lot of things that happen in between finding your dress and walking down the aisle.  That is why it is also important to choose the right bridal shop, who will play a big part of this journey.

Step 1 - Choosing Your Dress

This is such a fun part of the process.  You visit some bridal shops with your nearest and dearest, try on some gorgeous dresses whilst being waited upon by shop staff and then, amazingly, you find the dress of your dreams!  You are happy and order your dress.


Step 2 - Waiting

And so the four to five month wait begins, life goes on and you get on with a few of the wedding preparations.  You're really excited about your dress but you might also have questions: will it fit?  What if I lose too much weight?  Will I still like it when it arrives?  All of these things are normal.

Step 3 - Your dress arrives

So you're about to collect your dress and you are really nervous.  Meanwhile, things are ramping up with wedding preparations and you're feeling just a tiny bit stressed. This is where a relationship with your bridal shop is really important.  They will put you at ease and provide a comfortable environment in which to try your dress.  They will explain the next steps to you and advise you when to return for alterations.

Step 4 - Alterations

A good seamstress can be hard to find but your bridal shop can make this much easier for you, as they should be able to either provide this service or at least recommend a great seamstress to you.  The alterations, although a tiny part of the wedding expenses, make all the difference to how you look and feel in your dress.

Step 5 - Your dress is ready!

Your alterations have been done and everything fits!  Now your bridal shop will talk you and your bridal party through the essentials: how to help you into the dress, how to fasten it, how to loop up the bustle for the evening, how to care for your dress after the wedding.  They can also order such things as a keepsake box, should you wish.  You can walk down the aisle with confidence!

So what are your thoughts?  Have you any experiences to share?  Leave your comments below!